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Double-Agent of Entropy
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Apparently I'm moving at some point in the future?
I may have more time for art after that.
We'll see!

Also, general update of projects I've been working on :

* Learning to program in Freebasic: Going well, started fighting with the language.  Decided to learn C++ instead.
* Learning to program in C++: Going far better than I expected.  Taking time, but can make simple list generators.  Learning graphics next.  Have a few ambitious ideas for games, will program some of them eventually.
* Learning to watercolor : Going quite well.  Check out the Brachiating Cephalobird picture that might be uploaded by the time you read this.  Pardon the white and black dots - those are my scanner, I think some of that junk is inside the darn thing.  :/  Need to find a way to clean it.
* Writing up my homemade RPG system into book format: Going slow, but well.  I -think- I can do this.
* Making physical board games to sell at local comic shop: Bluhhh.  I need to get off my butt and do this before I move. :/
* Learning new crafts (needlefelting, sewing, embroidery): Have acquired basic competence at making little dolls.  Should probably move on to make more complicated things soon.
* GMing a tabletop campaign in that system I made: I should really plan out the final session of that a little better.  Everyone seems to have been having fun though.  They've blown up and/or stolen and/or mothered all of the things.

See you later, internet.

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puckero Aug 6, 2008
Thanks for the :+fav:! Much appreciated!
Windam Jul 18, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the fav
eliantART Jul 2, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
thanks ---> for ----> :sun: FAV :sun: :D hug:
theopticnerve Jan 21, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot for the favorites :D
ATLbladerunner Sep 24, 2007  Professional General Artist
thanks for the fave!
funkyalien May 13, 2007  Professional Filmographer
Thanks very much for the favs and watch :D
Geeze, you're really behind on your messages, aren't you?

Thanks for the :+fav: :hug:

I've gotten my message center down to about 1400, from 2800, though.

Just another few hundred to go!
Geeze and I thought 300 was bad. And thanks for the :+fav: on Bridge. I'm surprised that one gets faved so often, it's one of the ones I was less happy with ^^;
giadrosich Apr 2, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Hi, Wirrit. Thanks so much for your recent visit and fave on "Messenger." It is greatly appreciated!

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